Vybe was formed in 2002 after the expiration of a group called Virtuous. Vybe started as an R&B cover band, which performed weekly at J's Sport Cafe in Laurel, Md. Eventually Vybe layered their R&B sound over D.C.'s GO-GO pocket. The streets of D.C. calls this style 'Pocket Jazz' or 'Grown & Sexy', but we just call it music. Vybe's sound is heavily influenced by the 'The Godfather of GO-GO' Chuck Brown. The name “VYBE” was chosen due to the band’s choice to not have regular rehearsals. The band would arrive at the gig and “vibe” onstage, music heads would call this ‘Jam Sessions’. Vybe is comprised of drums, percussionist, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, male & female vocalist, and a horn section.